Our team

Each translation is a new product, a new author's work, so that not every translation is the same. That's why prices vary from case to case. If you want to find out the price of your translation, send us a request.
Office no.1<br>Admirala Geprata Street no.2<br>Belgrade

Office no.1
Admirala Geprata Street no.2

  • Ankica Rudović - Executive Manager
  • Tanja Tošić - General Manager
  • Danijela Vukelić - Project Manager
  • Jelena Najerica - Project Manager
  • Milica Petković - Project Manager
Office no.2<br />  B.M. Pupina Street, no. 10ž/11, YBC <br />  New Belgrade

Office no.2
B.M. Pupina Street, no. 10ž/11, YBC
New Belgrade

  • Biljana Simijonović - Project Manager
Office no.3<br />  Ćirpanova Street, no.2<br />  Novi Sad

Office no.3
Ćirpanova Street, no.2
Novi Sad

  • Vjekoslav Merc - General Manager
  • Sunčica Žibreg Ristivojević - Project Manager
  • Milana Antonić Petković - Controller for translations
Quality Control of Translations

Quality Control of Translations

  • Slađana Baralić - Control Manager
  • Tereza Dimitrijević - Controller for translations
  • Tatjana Blanušić - Controller for translations
  • Iva Gavrilović - Controller for translations/Project Manager
Courier Service

Courier Service

  • Milivoj Reznić - Courier


  • Dragana Samardžić - Finance Manager
  • Ivanka Martinović - Accountant
  • Biljana Lazović - Accountant
  • Vesna Jovanović - Accountant
Marketing and Planning

Marketing and Planning

  • Bojana Ćorić - Marketing Manager
Court Interpreters and Translators

Court Interpreters and Translators

  • Vladimir Micić - Translator of English language
  • Jelena Melić - Translator of English and German
  • Gustavo Loria - Translator and Court Interpreter of English, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Albanian and Latin language
  • Isidora Injac - Serbian Proofreader
  • Molnar Sandor - Programmer