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Italian belongs to the Indo-European Italic Romance languages, the subgroup of Italo-Dalmatian languages. It ranks as the 20th language according to the number of speakers, but it represents one of the most melodic languages in the world. Its origin is in Latin and there are Italian records back in 960, but as a grammatical language system, it developed only in the Renaissance. In 1612 the first Italian dictionary was issued, which later contributed to the standardization of the language and the literacy education process of Italian population.

Different pronunciations are used in different regions of Italy and in this regard there are many different dialects of Italian. The Italians consider each of these dialects as their standard language, except for Sardinian and Friulian which are recognized as official regional languages. Dialects of Italian are: Neapolitan, Sicilian, Ligurian, Piemontese, Calabrian and many others. Italian language is not officially regulated, but unofficially it is controlled by the Accademia della Crusca.

We have full-time court interpreters for Italian language in our team and therefore we can always respond to your needs quickly and translate and certify documents for which the stamp of an Italian language court interpreter is necessary.

Our court interpreters for Italian language are at your disposal when you need:


  • Translation by court interpreters for Italian language
  • Fieldwork in cases when the presence of a court interpreter for Italian language is necessary, as well as any other forms of verbal translation.
  • Certification of already translated texts
  • Editing and proofreading of Italian texts

We also offer:


  • Translation from Italian into Serbian
  • Translation from Serbian into Italian
  • Translation from Italian into other foreign languages
  • Translation from other foreign languages into Italian