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Polish language belongs to the West Slavic group of the Slavic languages in Indo-European language family. Polish is the official language of the Republic of Poland and one of the official languages of the European Union, and it has been recognized as the language of national minorities in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine. Groups of Polish language speakers also exist in Argentina, Australia, Germany, Belarus, Lithuania, the USA, Russia, Great Britain and many other countries.


The total of around 50 million people speaks the Polish language. It is the 22nd most spoken language in the world. It is the 2nd most widely spoken Slavic language, right after Russian. The Polish language is written in Latin script.

Along with establishment of the Polish state in the 10th century, the Polish language started to emerge. Christianity played a major role in its development, as Poland adopted the Latin alphabet through it. Due to powerful political, cultural and military influence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Polish language was a lingua franca from the 16th to 18th century in Central and certain parts of Eastern Europe.


Our team includes part-time Polish language translators, thus we are able to quickly respond to your requests for urgent translation.


Our Polish language translators are at your disposal for:


  • Translation from Polish to Serbian;
  • Translation from Serbian to Polish;
  • Translation from Polish to other languages;
  • Translation from other languages to Polish.


You may contact us if you need any of the following services:


  • Translation by Polish language court interpreters;
  • Certification of already translated texts;
  • Polish text editing and proofreading;
  • Onsite interpreting if Polish language court interpreter's presence is required, as well as other forms of interpreting services.