Chinese language court interpreters

Each translation is a new product, a new author's work, so that not every translation is the same. That's why prices vary from case to case. If you want to find out the price of your translation, send us a request.


Chinese letters



Chinese language numbers over 200 dialects and the standard Mandarin language is the official language of the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Chinese is the first most spoken language by native speakers in the world.


The twentieth century in China was marked by a great language reform which attempted to modernize Chinese by means of an ambitious programme. One part of this reform referred to the “romanization of the Chinese script” whose goal was to simplify the script in order to reduce illiteracy. Since 1982, along with the adoption of the international standard (ISO 7098), the system of Latin transcription has been used worldwide as the standard form of Chinese transcription. “Pinyin” is the name of the Latin transcription of the Chinese phonetic system. The Chinese government withdrew from full romanization to preserve the language unity and stability. In the era of technology, the Latin transcription has found its function, without compromising the Chinese script and calligraphy.


Our team includes permanently employed Chinese language court interpreters who are always ready to respond to your request for translation and certification of any type of documents.


Our Chinese language court interpreters are at your disposal for:


  • Certified translation by Chinese language court interpreters;
  • Onsite interpreting if Chinese language court interpreter's presence is required;
  • Interpreting;
  • Certification of already translated texts;
  • Chinese text editing and proofreading.


We also offer:


  • Translation from Chinese to Serbian;
  • Translation from Serbian to Chinese;
  • Translation from Chinese to other languages;
  • Translation from other languages to Chinese.