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Each translation is a new product, a new author's work, so that not every translation is the same. That's why prices vary from case to case. If you want to find out the price of your translation, send us a request.


Cyrillic letters in Russian



Russian language is a descendant of the Old Russian language and an East Slavic language. It is the official language of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and it is spoken in the former USSR states. In addition, the number of Russian speakers within emigrant communities in Israel, Canada, Germany and the USA is not negligible. It is spoken by 160 million native speakers and by 400 million people worldwide.


Russian numbers three dialects: Northern, Central and Southern.

Many masterpieces of world literature were written by Russian poets such as Lermontov, Yesenin, Gogol, Chekov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Bulgakov, Mayakovsky, Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva and many others.


Our team includes part-time Russian language translators, thus we are able to quickly respond to your requests for urgent translation.


Our Russian language translators are at your disposal for:


  • Translation from Russian to Serbian;
  • Translation from Serbian to Russian ;
  • Translation from Russian to other languages;
  • Translation from other languages to Russian.


You may contact us if you need any of the following services:



  • Translation by Russian language court interpreters;
  • Certification of already translated texts;
  • Russian text editing and proofreading;
  • Onsite interpreting if Russian language court interpreter's presence is required, as well as other forms of interpreting services.