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Words in Italian


Italian is a Romance language spoken by about 62 million of people, most of them living in Italy. Standard Italian is based on the Florentine dialect. It has double (or long) vowels just like Latin (unlike other Romance languages, such as French or Spanish). Just as it is the case in other Romance languages, except for French, Italian words have different stress patterns. Italian is written with the Latin alphabet.


Italian is the official language of Italy, San Marino and the Swiss cantons of Ticino and Grigioni. Together with Latin, Italian is the second official language of the Vatican and, together with Slovenian, it is the second official language in the Slovenian coastal municipalities of Koper, Izola and Piran. It is also widespread among the descendants of Italian immigrants in Luxembourg, USA and Australia. It is also widely understood and studied in Malta, where it was one of official languages until 1934, when it was replaced by English. It is much less spoken in the former African colonies of Italy, such as Somalia, Libya and Eritrea.

Italian is the fifth most learned language at school (after English, French, Spanish and German).

We have full-time Italian translators in our team and therefore we can always respond to your requests quickly, whenever urgent translations are needed.

Our translators of Italian language are at your disposal whenever you need them:

  • Translation from Italian into Serbian
  • Translation from Serbian into Italian
  • Translation from Italian into other foreign languages
  • Translation from other foreign languages into Italian


We also offer:


  • Translation by court interpreters of Italian language
  • Certification of already translated texts
  • Editing and proofreading of Italian texts
  • Fieldwork in cases when the presence of a court interpreter of Italian is necessary, as well as any other other forms of verbal translation.