Dutch language court interpreters

Each translation is a new product, a new author's work, so that not every translation is the same. That's why prices vary from case to case. If you want to find out the price of your translation, send us a request.


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Dutch is named after the region Netherlands. The standard literary language was formed from the Low Franconian dialect spoken in this region, which belongs to the western branch of Germanic languages. Languages similar to Dutch are Afrikaans which is spoken in the Republic of South Africa and Namibia, then Creole and Frisian languages, and Dutch itself has many dialects and subdialect groups, too.

Historical development of the language is divided into Old Dutch period which lasted until the year 1100, Middle Dutch until the year 1500 and New Dutch until the 16th century, which was influenced by translation of the Bible. Thus, the language has been significantly simplified and the first Dutch grammar book was created around 1584.

We have part-time court interpreters for Dutch language in our team and therefore we can always respond to your needs quickly and translate and certify documents for which the stamp of a Dutch language court interpreter is necessary.

Our court interpreters for Dutch language are at your disposal when you need:


  • Translation by court interpreters for Dutch language
  • Fieldwork in cases when the presence of a court interpreter for Dutch language is necessary, as well as any other forms of verbal translation.
  • Certification of already translated texts
  • Editing and proofreading of Dutch texts

We also offer:


  • Translation from Dutch into Serbian
  • Translation from Serbian into Dutch
  • Translation from Dutch into other foreign languages
  • Translation from other foreign languages into Dutch